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Nurses Healthcare Career AdvancementWe're Aspire Consulting, Ltd., combining passion, purpose and performance to achieve results-driven solutions for our customers. We partner with businesses and organizations to stimulate individual, team, and organizational development.

Our highly effective solutions lead to dramatic and measurable improvements in key areas for our customers, including the ability to lead and manage, to grow and innovate, to get and keep loyal customers, and to fuel financial growth.

Our rigorous process focuses on helping people enhance their skills and training, and discover, develop and use more of their potential. The results are the realignment of personal and organizational goals fostering a culture where continuous improvement, higher levels of achievement, exceeding customer expectations, and developing customer loyalty prevail.  

Anyone working in the healthcare arena faces mounting challenges as scrutiny and regulations increase with consistency and speed. Aspire works with healthcare organizations in developing and aligning strategy, leadership systems (people) and operating systems (processes) for sustained success.
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Organizations face mounting challenges as scrutiny and regulations increase in response to the misdeeds of the past. Loans can be difficult to obtain so even the opportunity to take advantage of potential new ideas, products and services are significantly harder to implement. Loyal customers are created through connecting to customers and developing relationships.
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Not for Profit
Our current Administration has volunteerism in the forefront. How can social sector/not for profit agencies maintain compassion, caring, the technical edge and also be profitable? The answer lies in going beyond standard measurements of success and balanced scorecards. It also goes beyond exalting your very valuable vision.
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We know that the desire to help others learn and grow is what drives employees, your internal customers in the education field to be loyal. You cannot regulate that desire for your employees, however, we can stop throwing barriers to the good people who went in search of a career to help others learn and grow.
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"A Common Sense Approach
To Sustainability"

Susan Lauer, Principal Aspire Consulting, Contributing Author

Susan Lauer, Principal at Aspire Consulting, Ltd., is a contributing author for the newly released “A Common Sense Approach to Sustainability", a book about accelerating your profitability through aligning your people and processes with the environment.

The book was written to help business owners and senior leadership of organizations understand that sustainability is not just about being or going green. Sustainability is a strategic decision, and when embraced, helps an organization align its critical business elements: its people, processes, and environmental concerns to generate profitability, innovation, and employee involvement.

You may reach Susan directly at
slauer@aspireadvantage.com   or (845) 803-0438.