Business Process Improvement

Changing the way that things are done to meet customer demands and increase profitability have become necessities in the business world today.

We believe that tools are a means to an end and that to truly be sustainable; the tools must be sensitive to the culture of an organization, focus on what the organization is trying to accomplish and have the simplest approach possible to get there.

Our processes begin at the senior management level and are cascaded into the organization to create a culture ready to accept and adapt to change.

Improving business processes can take one of two tracks; root cause analysis to eliminate variation or cycle time reduction to eliminate non value added steps. These tracks present two different problems so that tools and approach are different. Common to both approaches are that they are management driven, require employee involvement and support and are customer focused. During both processes, there is training which brings the knowledge to the organization to create buy in and sustainability.

For both processes, speed is critical, and we view the teams as “rapid deployment” teams. The process to be analyzed is identified, the team discovers the root causes and designs fixes or removes non value added steps, makes recommendations and implement the final decision.
Our systems based approach allows for continuous improvement to improve product and service quality, increase productivity, decrease costs, improve customer loyalty and enhance your overall competitiveness.

Key Areas to Business Process Improvement

  • Management Seminar
  • Process Identification
  • Team Identification
  • Education
  • Improvements identified
  • Presentation to Management
  • Implementation