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Susan Lauer, Prinicpal at Aspire Consulting, was a keynote speaker at the Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services Training and Operations Center, December 3rd 2015. The topic was "Long-Term Planning for Non-Profit Organizations Using a Sustainability Model".

Link to Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services

Aspire Principals attend quarterly conference in San Antonio, Texas.

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Your employees are your most valuable business assets, so it's essential to give them the opportunity to develop advanced skills and communication tools. With the right knowledge and tools, they can work smarter and excel in their jobs through real day-to-day motivation. Aspire Consulting offers a full range of topics, and of course we can customize any of our programs to suit your unique goals and needs.

Once thought of as business luxuries you might offer to a select group, today's business success stories are proof that offering advanced business skills at all levels is essential to the long term success of the entire organization. In addition to meeting deadlines and delivering your products and services, it's also important to build a strong foundation for personal growth and a mind set of achievement and success.

Topics include:

  • Developing and Managing YOU, Like Your Life Depends on It
  • Creating the Vision of Your Future
  • Discover Potential... Get Results.
  • Radiating Possibilities
  • Assume the Best – The Power of Assumptions
  • Who Says You Can't Do It?
  • People Development - A Proven Business Strategy
  • Loyal Customers - Your Strategic Advantage
  • More Discipline Means Less Freedom and Other Work Related Myths
  • Success Is a Choice
  • Getting and Maintaining Peak Performance
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?
  • Achieving Possibilities Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
  • Beating Employee Burnout
  • Do you have an idea for another topic? Let us know!