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The Aspire Advantage

Our approach is unique in that we help people enhance and develop the skills and attitudes necessary to achieve a higher degree of success both personally and organizationally. Our comprehensive development process contains the three ingredients needed to ensure success:

Key Ingredients:

  • Attitude Development
  • Human Relation Skills Improvement
  • Goal Setting

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  • The Aspire Formula for Success
  • The Aspire Approach to Learning

The Aspire FormulaTraining is teaching someone a new set of skills. Development integrates those skills with goal setting, behavioral change to improve and sustain results.

We use a behavioral perspective because it supports implementing change in a way that sticks. We help organizations and the people in those organizations think differently about change and about themselves and change. They learn new patterns of thought and new patterns of behavior that have a greater likelihood of having sustained results. The process not only provides the skills, knowledge and training but through the action plan, also requires participants consider themselves, their lives and the success of their organization.

Our development process helps ensure that information is not only understood and retained, but also applied in everyday situations. Our trained facilitators customize each group meeting to support the needs of the individual or group.

Aspire's Strategic Thinking The Aspire Advantage is a unique approach to learning — delivering information consistently over a longer period of time. Research has proven that learning best occurs with repetition of the information over time. Initial exposure to information, only 2 % is retained after 16 days, however if that information is repeated 5-6 times over 6 days, retention is 62 % for 15 years or more.

It has been determined that a multi-sensory approach to learning offers the greatest probability of retention. Our materials promote the review of the information multiple times, utilizing a variety of sensory learning techniques, fostering true assimilation of the information.