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Aspire's Rising Stars

Tomorrows Leaders

The Rising Stars Process is designed to help today's youth develop their personal leadership skills. Leadership is essential in enabling youth to develop character, confidence, and values that promote the goal of healthy behavior.

Research shows a majority of American youth engages in health compromising behavior. In her pioneering book, Adolescents at Risk, Joy Dryfoos concludes that half of all ten to seventeen year olds are at high or moderate risk of undermining their chances for a healthy life because of substance abuse, unsafe sex, teen pregnancy, school failure and delinquency, crime or violence.

More importantly, a recent report from the American Medical Association captures the importance of this goal: "For the first time in the history of this country, young people are less healthy and less prepared to take their places in society than their parents. Moreover, this is happening at a time when our society is more complex, more challenging, and more competitive than ever before."

The Rising Stars Formula for Success

Key Data:

  • A recent research report, Workforce 2020: Work & Workers of the 21st Century, Dr. Carol D'Amico discovered that employers grouped leadership as one of the essential skills entry-level workers lacked.

    These skills included strong work ethics, problem solving, and creativity, along with organizational and interpersonal skills. These skills were ranked ahead of writing, math, reading, and job specific skills.

The youth population will continue to become more diverse. Influence of youth coming from various geographical areas and ethnic backgrounds will continue to create changes. Recent national trends that include increased violence and lower GPA scores along with other negative behaviors could escalate and continue to affect youth, teachers, families, and society. Rising Stars is a process that helps youth develop their ability to make positive life choices based upon sound values and a vision of a successful future. It helps students improve their GPA, improve attendance rates, improve their attitude, believe their dreams can become a reality, and reduce risk behavior.

Rising Stars is a research based process. It is modeled after an adult Leadership Development process which has been used successfully with hundreds of thousands of individuals for more than twenty years. The need for Rising Stars has been supported by the research of Search Institute and its study of: forty developmental assets, experiences, opportunities, and internal capacities essential for health and success in our complex society.


"Our participants learned valuable knowledge on how to achieve their dreams though self-reflection, goal setting and learning how to break through barriers that might prevent them from being successful." 

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