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Aspire Seminar Series

Our Seminar Series are trainings in topics that we know are often imperative to the success of companies and organizations: Leadership, Sales and Customer Loyalty.

We offer three series of interactive and dynamic programs to address this need. Each seminar within the series is two hours long and is designed to be offered as a set or can stand on its own if you have a clearly identified training need.

  • Leadership Series
  • Sales Series
  • Customer Loyalty Series

1. The First Step To Great Leadership – Creating A Compelling Vision

  1. How to create a compelling Vision that INSPIRES
  2. Questions you need to answer before you move your organization forward
  3. Six key elements to effectively communicate your Vision
  4. Why creating a POWERFUL Vision is not enough
  5. How to get everyone focused on the right RESULTS
  6. 14 conditions that can derail your organization
  7. The simple exercise that can TRANSFORM your organization

2. The Real Leadership Challenge – Getting & Maintaining Peak Performance

  1. What is Leadership?
  2. Formula for Success
  3. Early Conditioning
  4. Learning
  5. Goals
  6. Goal Setting and Achieving
  7. Performance Formula h. Attitudes
3. To Outperform & Outlast The Competition – Embracing Change
  1. Impact of Others
  2. Land of the Status Quo
  3. Land of Positive Change/Results
  4. We we Resist Change
  5. Leading From Strength
  6. Innovate
  7. Find Niche Applications
  8. Exalt the Customer

1. Filling Your Sales Funnel

  2. CREATING PROSPECTS from suspects
  3. PROSPECTING those who want to buy your products and services
  4. DEVELOPING referral sources
  5. DEFINING centers of INFLUENCE
  6. Understanding the SWARM technique

2. Increasing Sales Through Networking

  1. Why should you NETWORK?
  2. Developing a positive ATTITUDE for networking
  3. PREPARING for networking events
  4. Tips for SUCCESSFUL networking
  5. Networking Etiquette
  6. MAINTAINING your network

3. Winning at Sales

  1. Creating a sales attitude
  2. Prospecting those who want to Buy your products and services
  3. Identifying and understanding the Buying/Selling process
  4. Learn to ask effective questions
  5. Strategies to transforming your organization into a sales dynamo
  6. Leading your organization to focus on results

1. Increase Sustained Profitability– Developing a Customer Loyalty Strategy

  1. Customer satisfaction versus customer loyalty
  2. Your perceived value as defined by customers
  3. Why would your organization want loyal customers?
  4. What is a loyal customer worth to your organization?
  5. A Customer Loyalty Strategy

2. Key Measurements for Building a Loyal Customer Base

  1. How does your organization measure customer loyalty?
  2. Why is it important to know your loyalty factor score?
  3. What is your loyalty factor score?
  4. Why is it important to know your employee loyalty score?
  5. What is your employee loyalty score?

3. Employee Loyalty Score

The Power of Customer Loyalty – Points of Connection

  1. Why should you look at each point of connection a customer has with your organization?
  2. What is an effective point of connection delivery system?
  3. Why should you listen to the voice of your customer?
  4. Why should you develop a point of connection evaluation?
  5. Why are customer complaints critical to your organization?