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Strategic Thinking and Business Planning Program >
“As you know we have made a remarkable turn around over the past few years, and were ready to take the next step. I have described our board as hardworking, diverse, seasoned and opinionated. You made focusing this challenging group and gaining group commitment towards our previously unacknowledged shared goals seemed easy.”
– Chamber of Commerce

Management Development Program >
"Each person, including myself, who has participated in your course, has shown growth in communication skills, organization and problem solving abilities.  The concept of “thinking about thinking” has become ingrained in us all.  We have embraced the tools provided by Aspire which have resulted in improved efficiency, productivity and output.  The successes are numerous and the “wins” are clearly evident!"
– Hospital Director

“When I was informed that I would be attending the Aspire Management Program I was very reluctant to attend this program.  I was sure that this would be another fly by night operation.  I was pleasantly surprised of the help I have gotten from this program.  Participants completed 3 self-assessments, which were shared with all in the program, has been a great help to learn how to communicate with others.  Goal planning has helped me with time management as well as getting my projects done on time.  I am able to look at the barriers and possible solutions to these barriers.  I also feel that I have great references for future use.”
-Linda T., Nurse Manager Long Term Care

“This management course has helped me think things thru….. I truly think before I respond now. I gather all facts before making any decision. When speaking to a provider I choose my words carefully,” I need your assistance in this situation”, creating the same final goal, making sure we are on the same page. I believe before Aspire, I was more confrontational.  What is the amazing thing is I have implemented these qualities in my personal life. I feel “Aspire” has helped me improve my self confidence in many areas. If I had a wish list, I would like to extend this opportunity to some of my staff, especially in the customer service area.”
-Diane C., Director Dental Clinic

Business Process Improvement Program >
"In nine months, The Aspire team facilitated and inspired our ED team to improve our Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores from the 1st to the 89th percentile! They provided us with the tools that helped us help ourselves and 'own' the results we were looking for."
-Sandy M., Director of Critical Care and Emergency Service

Executive Leadership Program >
"Not only has the program helped us to better understand each other’s perspectives, appreciate those perspectives, and bring our management ideas to fruition, it has given us the confidence to take actions that have transformed our business. As business owners we were trying to do everything and felt responsible for all aspects of the business, but as a growing company we were clearly at a cusp in which we needed to make some big changes to support our growing environment. The executive leadership development provided guidance as we created a management structure, appointed managers, and transitioned them into these roles."
– Information Technology Company

Team Leadership Program >
"I began the process wondering if it would be like “all those other” leadership trainings I had been to, but I almost immediately discovered the difference. Historically, while the trainings gave me some good ideas, their applicability was limited. The combination of, and alignment of organizational and individual goals allows for ongoing application and change. As you know, in health care, each day is a new day, and change is the norm. Your facilitation style left me invigorated. After each session, driving home, my mind was racing through new possibilities, and new areas of application. I was quickly able to apply the information beginning with the mind-opening kick off session."
– Hospital Manager

Rising Stars Program >
"Our participants learned valuable knowledge on how to achieve their dreams though self-reflection, goal setting and learning how to break through barriers that might prevent them from being successful." 
– Chamber of Commerce